Drawing from the rich textures and color palettes of art and nature, Curious Yellow Design combines an eclectic mix of unusual materials and cutting-edge styles to meet each client’s needs. CY likes to mix it up, cross borders, and balance eras and idioms. They work closely with the client to create the ideal environment that inspires and stimulates -whether for daily living, work, or play. With an eye towards elegance, sophistication, modernity, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll, they have worked on residential, office, hospitality and retail projects in NYC, the Hamptons and Scandinavia. 

Founding partner + Designer, Anna Cappelen, moved from Norway to live in Soho 16 year ago. She worked as an art director and creative director in advertising prior to starting CY and translated her strength and passion in visual concept to Interiors.  Anna is obsessed with texture, photography, and art and believes that Interior Design is like painting. Anna's daughter, also in love with creating and drawing, brings a lot of youthful and genuine creativity to the design process.

Partner + Designer, Chloe Pollack- Robbins, has been working with CY for 8 years after working as a modeling agent and photographer; taking in the energy, nightlife and grittiness of the city as inspiration. Also inspired by contemporary art, food  and her travels, Chloe excels in her ability to mix varying cultures, materials, and styles while managing several projects at once.