About the studio

CURIOUS YELLOW SPECIALIZES in residential, COMMERCIAL and hospitality projects

Established in New York in 2009, with an Oslo office added in 2016, Curious Yellow Design provides Interior Design and Interior Architectural services for residential, office, hospitality and retail spaces.

By pushing boundaries and integrating various eras and idioms, Curious Yellow creates inspiring and stimulating environments that cater to clients’ needs. With eyes for elegance, comfort and modernity, we curate spaces for daily living, work and play. Our minimalistic but playful designs have found homes in New York City, the Hamptons, Scandinavia and beyond.


Anna Cappelen
Interior Designer / New York
Chloe-Pollock Robbins
Interior Designer / New York
Nina Wolff
Interior Architect / Oslo
Andreas Lyngvær
Interior Architect / Oslo
Lauren Baker
Interior Architect / New York
Kathleen Squeri
Interior Designer / New York